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  1. I am trying to get Urwigo to load and it just keeps saying error... I have windows 10 and was wondering if anyone knew of a patch or update that was available. I have tried to use the Wherigo Builder and it is nothing but confusing and I have used Urwigo before with much more ease. Looking to put out my first Wherigo. UGH!!! HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  2. There is also a BIG glitch with the bookmark lists, if you delete a bookmark list, then click on another list to look at it, there is no way to go back to the list without starting from the beginning by clicking on your name at the top corner and fumbling around like an idiot to find where Bookmark lists are hidden. If you hit the back button, it takes you back to the list, but then it also deletes the next bookmark list. Sad to say, we're not renewing our premium membership end of the year, all these 'improvements' have turned into a bunch of glitches.....reminds me of the whole map issue when the maps changed way back, that has yet to be fixed to be functional for those who still paper cache......this site has gone downhill big time.....
  3. Drunkin Monkeys


    I think this might also be tieing in with the Phasing out older browsers issue that some people are having.....when I was receiving that message I couldn't decrypt or see any logs.....I e-mailed Groundspeak and when they replied telling me to turn off compatability mode the message went away and I could decrypt and see logs.....I was not in compatability mode....so I'm thinking there is a glitch somewhere......
  4. The large map did show in the corrected position for a short time, I noticed this as well.
  5. Thank you for the info! Others should read this before doing anything to try to correct their counts.
  6. I was having the same issue and e-mailed Groundspeak.....but as soon as they e-mailed me back it quit doing it.....wondering if it has something to do with individual accounts and they fixed mine?
  7. The new maps aren't even fully displaying for us.....what a waste.....
  8. Bug with the pocket query maps....if you have logged a DNF or even posted a note the icons show on the map as a smiley.... Also taking too long to load....and how about allowing the icons on the map and the names off to the side to have the numbers like the old maps, lots of us still print the maps and are totally lost without the names & numbers....
  9. It's obvious the beta maps are going no where, restore full functionality to the old maps. I know you can't please everyone, but you are ignoreing the mess you created and are too busy adding new features that are taking the focus away from what needs fixed...you need to focus on what you broke..... My membership has been a gift from someone every year, I'm telling them not to re-new my premium membership until Groundspeak gets their heads out of the ground and finish the maps before they take on anymore projects. Geocaching.com has not functioned properly in over 6 months, yet you keep throwing more into the mix to make it even worse.
  10. DO NOT UPDATE TO 4.20!!!! Did the update on my 200 this morning to version 4.20....have not been able to get satellites since.....I e-mailed garmin, waiting to hear back....even tried downgrading to 4.19 with no luck.... worked fine before the update.
  11. I can't even get past the login page, haven't been able to login since yesterday.... it was going fine and all of a sudden the pages quit responding.
  12. That map will be back, I had to switch to static map to get some time to work on javascript issues that had come up. A bigger and better map will be coming soon! -Raine Glad to hear this is coming back. That's the primary way I planned my caching trips. Hopefully you can solve the issues soon. I may just take a break until then. I agree! This is how we plan our trips as well and I'm trying to plan a weekend trip and I can't.....I use the map to pan around to different areas to pick what caches we go after and I "print screen" when I find an area and I print those maps out to know where I'm going. I may have missed it, but any time frame on when this feature will be back?
  13. Read the logs on that one. Too funny! Well if your not one of the DNF's it is. What a train wreck. How is this cache not archived yet! this cache is ridiculous.... we have searched for this quite a few amount of times and we are the ones that put the needs archived on it... also we notified the reviewer and still nothing.... sad part we offered to go with the C/O to get good coords and they said "no we are good"..... what does that tell ya?
  14. The whole Done with Errors on page thing is getting really really really really really really old! Just to prove that it wasn't something installed on my system I wiped out and started over with XP Media Center Edition, SP3, IE 8......yeah, still the same crap. I regret paying the premium membership because I can't even look at caches.
  15. Ok, now the errors have gotten worse....now I'm getting this one as well as the other errors and it's crashing the browser. This is getting old fast. Win XP SP3 IE 8.0.6001.18702
  16. Well, I'm a premium member and having the same issues so that kinda blows the ad thing out of the water...... Any idea on what is causing the hang-ups? I'll get you whatever info you need because until this is fixed, I can't use Geocaching.com because I can't get anywhere on the site without having to start all over every 2 seconds.
  17. If this is also what you are seeing, then it has been reported and acknowleged in at least one other thread. And as I said above, hitting F5 one or more times (usually just once) will get the rest of the page to list. This is exactly what I'm getting, but when I refresh it sends me back to pg 1.
  18. I'm having a similar problem, except it's not crashing me out......I get an error and then I hit refresh and the pages shows ok, but when I go to like pg 2 it does it again, but when I hit refresh this time it takes me back to pg 1......very very frustrating because I can't search for more than a couple pages before I'm booted!
  19. I can't take this anymore, I'm seriously about to walk away from Geocaching.com.....I've had enough!!!! THE NEW SITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SICK OF THE DONE WITH ERRORS!!!!!
  20. Ok, I'm getting tired of the "Errors on Page"......are they going to fix it or not......the new design is pointless if I can't navigate from page to page without hitting refresh and starting all over again when searching for caches!!!!
  21. When you print, the new larger font at the top of cache page overruns, sending the GC code to the next line and into a bunch of jumble so you can't see it. Also, you can't search for caches because when it shows you page 1 of the closest caches to you when you go on to page 2 sometimes it goes and then you get a couple pages in and then you get a "done with error" in the bottom right corner and a blank page, when you refresh, it sends you back to page 1 just to start the grief again.....I'm about done with these changes because I can't even move around the site without "done with errors" coming up. I regret going premium because I can't use the features I paid to have access to. I get the same thing with all the below..... Win XP Pro SP3 IE8 Win XP Pro SP2 IE7 Win XP Pro SP2 IE6
  22. I agree with this, for those of us that still have to do it the old fashioned way and print the cache pages it's cutting stuff off and wasting A LOT of paper......I only print the 1st page, but the descriptions are overflowing and cutting off when I print them so I have to print the 2nd & 3rd pages.....which definetly is using more ink too!
  23. Let's see how long it runs this fast! Definetly faster, but time will tell!
  24. I hate change! So now we wait for GC.com to lag and timeout and take forever even more! they need to mirror on other servers to speed it up rather than moving everything around.
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