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Hi Geocachers :)

I've looked to try find something on this already, but have not been too successful. I often see on the online logs of a cache that someone has mentioned because they were battling to find a cache they did a PAF. Now my question is what is a PAF?


Thanks for keeping such an awesome game going. As a new family to the Geocaching site, myself and the parentals are loving it. Keep it up. (ps, excited as we're already planning our first hide)

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PAF stands for Phoned a Friend.


Some cachers do this quite often e.g. if they're at a cache site and have hunted around without success they may well look back through the Found logs and try to find a friend's name to phone and get an extra hint... or even the exact location of where the cache was when that friend found it.


Other cachers never bother - they just log a DNF ;)



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