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Help from people who have had large coin runs made

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My caching partner and I are getting married this summer and were thinking about having a geocoin made for everyone at the service. Most of the places we've researched require an image to receive a quote. We have not yet developed our image, so we're a bit in the dark with the pricing. I was wondering if anyone who has had a large run of coins made could give me info on his or her experience with cost and company. How many colors did you have on your coin? How many coins did you have made? Which company did you use? Basically, any info you could give me would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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The price will vary widely based on the design you use, if its going to be a GC trackable coin, number of colors and the finish. Which is why they need an image to give you a quote. If you do want them to be trackable it has to go through an approval proses with GC before the manufacture can start production. So it would be a good idea to figure out what you want made then go out looking for price quotes.


BTW i have never had any coins made. I'm going off what i've read in the forums and else ware.

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Also, see if anyone can guarantee having the coin done in time for your wedding. Several times, we have seen delays from the minters pop up in here. Others have posted in the past that you can plan on spending at least $1000 to get started, I am not sure, but I think they were talking about a run of 150 coins, or so. I do not know what thread I am remembering that from, but I think it was here, see post #4 in this thread. It may help you.

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my 2 cents...be aware coin costs will also vary with size, thickness, round or shaped coin, number of cuts (Kathy's Coin had 7 cuts, shaped, 250 coins,) do you want an icon for the coin, number of colors, number of coins, and on and on...it has generally been my limited advice that you see if you can find a coin manufacturer that has minted coins that you like to get a quote...a couple of quotes isn't a bad idea either.


as eartha mentioned, make sure your coins will be available before the wedding...the longer you wait, the more this could become a complication.


best wedding wishes....save me a trader!


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I have had several (8 or so) geocoins made. I have used Oakcoins, and Direct Mint. I am currently using Direct Mint. I got good results from Oakcoins too. My latest coin (Titanic 100 year Anniversay coin is huge and I had 250 of version 1 and 250 of version 2 mfg. They are trackable and have an icon. I also did the Pony Express Sesquicentennial in a 2" size (qty 500)with Oakcoins. This many would run you about (depending on your art, finish and special requirements) $8 each give or take for this many at a larger 2" size. I would say to shop around but given your timeframe it may be getting close. Good Luck!

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