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Two Travelbug Troubles


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I've just placed a travel bug in a cache, and two things about the process struck me as out of the ordinary:


First, when I found the bug in the dropdown list, it read "Earthling Satellite Io by warm fuzzies" instead of "Earthling Satellite Io by Earthling." It's not our travel bug, so it probably shouldn't have our name on it just because we're holding it, should it?


Anyway, that's a minor issue compared to the other one: I can't seem to upload images with Netscape 4.75. It just keeps telling me that I need to enter a title and a file from my hard drive, even though I've done so. I managed to upload the files with IE 5.5, but I really don't like using it.


Also, for the wish list, it'd be nice if we could modify the log that's made automatically when we drop off a traveller.

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