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I have noticed many people take notes of their finds. I have seen things from a GPS trail (you can see where they walked/drove on a map), pictures of the cache itself, pictures of the location, etc. I'm wondering what are the most common notes people take? Also where/how can I do one of those trail maps...I find them very fascinating! Especially the drunk bee walk at the end :D

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I've never taken notes, like with a notebook or anything. I would take pictures, and think I need to take more pictures :) Would be interesting to save my route of looking as a track log or whatever it's called, and then save it with easyGPS and upload it here so people can see how inept I am :laughing:;)


Right now, I don't find very many, am I'm so excited that I found something that I come home and log it when I'm done being out and about. After hearing how some cache owners like to read about experiences and not "TNLN, SL, TFTC", so I've been trying to write decent logs :)

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One technique that I've found helpful since I started using a digital camera (and now, the digital camera in my phone) is to take photos of signs, monuments, or other objects that identify where I am, in addition to the "real" photos that are intended to look nice. The establishing photos are purely functional, telling me where I was when I took the following/preceding photos.

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