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DECLINED - [BUG] My Finds PQ won't run

Dame Deco
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3 times in a row now, when I try to run a My Finds PQ, the site tells me that it couldn't schedule it to run. Something to download still appears in the download section, and it will download into GSAK, but when I try to upload it to MyGeocachingProfile.com, it won't work. That site tells me that it isn't a legitimate file, that it has data in it. This hasn't ever happened to me before. Like I said--it's been 3 times in a row--for over 6 days now.


Any advice would be appreciated--thanks.


ETA: Whoops--the results did load this time, when I downloaded the zip instead opening it and downloading the file.


But still--I get a message in red saying it couldn't be scheduled on the PQ page after it runs and the site sends me an email telling me it ran--is this a bug?

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Yes. I know. As I said--3 times in a row over 6 days (once every three days). Instead of a green "it ran" message or whatever it says, I get one in red that says "it couldn't be scheduled." You can't run it more often--the button only goes live when it's o.k. I'm saying the button is there, it's more than 3 days since I ran it last, it lets me push the button, then it says in red that it can't do it. Very strange.

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