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Mo'o Geocoins

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I have completed the new set of geocoins in my tribute to Hawaii. I will begin taking pre-orders on 1 Dec 2011, and end on 1 Jan 2012. The cost is $10 a coin or a complete set is $40. At present I have 100 slotted for production, but should the desire for more be there, I will bump it up. Please feel free to look at the pics below, at email me @ tankandspaz@gmail.com so I may invoice you with your order. As always, shipping is $7.50 a set for the US, international orders may be higher. I will combine for multiples. Shipping includes padded envelope, insurance, and delivery confirmation, when applicable. Please provide your shipping address when emailing. Thank you...




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These are preorders so they must be paid for before you have them in hand? Nice coins but I and many others don't do preorders after the fiascos in the past with other well known vendors who no longer are here.

Agreed. One is still going on now and I have learned my lesson, for sure!


Like the coins, though. I'll wait to see if you have leftovers!

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Due to the response of these coins, we are currently only accepting orders for the whole set. I have about 30 left, so with 70 sets gone, we are running out of coins. If you are thinking about an individual coin, please note that once we have all the sets mailed out, we will offer up individual ones. Due to the holidays, the coins are scheduled to be minted in the first week of January and in hand NLT March. Thank you to all those that have purchased, as yes, I still offer up a full refund if the coins are not minted for any reason.



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This is the last week to order before minting. I have 16 sets left and we have decided to number these. So each one will be individually numbered. If you are interested, email me at:




This set is still $40 and will be retired after this sale, so there will be no more of this production style again. We will though have other Mo'o coins coming out again in the next few months.


Merry Christmas...



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the samples show cut outs in the bottom legs, the blueprints show them as recessed metal. which is correct?


are you numbering these as well as making them trackable?


minor details, but inquiring minds want to know...

B) cheers,


Understand the confusion, they are cut outs, not recessed. The maker made the change during minting of the samples. I am numbering this set and making it trackable. I have 15 sets left, so grab while you can.

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Okay, I have a limited run set of numbered coins, 25 in all. I have but 14 left. After this group, I am retiring this color scheme. If interested, email me at: tankandspaz@gmail.com


Now, since a few have asked for individual coins, I will have a new one coming out in the next few months, and one for Geocoinfest in Oct. So stay on the lookout...

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Here is the ordered design, with 25 sets being numbered. I hope you like them, price for one is $12.50, set is $40, plus shipping. I have 14 sets left, all come trackable and numbered. If you have questions or would like to order, please email tankandspaz@gmail.com


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UPDATE: As you know, some people here have ripped off others, but I have a little more class. The order is in, all $1000+ for it. I still have sets available, see above for ordering. Oakcoins will be furnishing, so here is the timeline: Order submitted 27 Jan, coin arrival within the last week of Feb to first week of March. Shipment will be almost the next day after I get them in my hands. I have everything printed and ready to go.


So if you got questions, concerns, or comments, let me know. Price is $50 for the set, as they have been ordered, or $12.50 for individuals. There are still just 12 sets remaining, all individually numbered. You buy a set, you get all matching numbers. Only 25 sets minted.

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With this edition retired and put to rest, I am starting work on another. What metal and colors would you all like to see? Please let me know, I will start a list. The rest here on out are individual pieces... $10 each...


So far:


Brushed gold with black

Polished gold with black

Copper with red


I'm thinking a nice tropical blue glitter, say J504 (or perhaps Pearl 15) on either Satin or Antique Silver. Maybe a green (glitter/trans?) on Antique Bronze/Gold


I might even be tempted to change to the reddish Glow (10) for the eyes.

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