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Hey all, we're a caching family in Middle Tennessee. We don't mind traveling a little, so now we need some help. We want our #1000 cache to be one of our best. We are two 30-something parents with a 6 year old and 2 year old. We want all of us to be present at the find, so no crazy terrain. And go with suggestions!

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Yes a F150 will fit but if you go on the weekend you will spend most of your time backing out of the tunnel for traffic. During the week it is lighter. This place is very popular with locals. I hiked in and hugged the left side of the tunnel, the water came up half way between my ankles and knees. After about 50 feet it dried out and there was no water in the middle of the tunnel. I DNFed the cache my first trip there and was happy about it because it meant I got to go back the next day, it is the best cache I've ever found.


If you are not busy Saturday I'm hosting an Intro to Geocaching event in M'Boro.

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I saw that one, but our 6 year old has a basketball game at 9. We're hosting one next weekend in McMinnville, I don't think you've come through and cleaned out all of the new caches around town. Spend all day caching and finish it at out event at 4.


Sounds like that cache will work. We're teachers, so we can maybe go on a day off. Trying to get our last 100 before February 2012, our 2 year caching anniversary. We're also planning on getting a lot of those in Smyrna, we've noticed the saturation around Sam Ridley.

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Cachemedics have a cache near Tampa, FL. Easy to get to and the kids will LOVE. I can't remember the exact name, but something like Christmas Cache. They have several other neat caches very worth seeing, I think worth a drive, and Busch Gardens, several childrens museums and the beach are nice places to take the kids as well. ;)

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