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How can I get offline maps on to my iPhone for geocaching? (kuwait specifically since I'm traveling there). I will have data/phone turned off but I will use the phones GPS system..just need some maps.

Also any geocaching apps work offline? I currently make PQ on my Groundspeak app but only seem to get topo maps for those.

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The official Geocaching App for iPhone can be used offline, but you have to save the caches you want to look for to your favorites first. Go to each individual cache's page from within the App and click on "Add to Saved List" to save them to your favorites. Then you choose to include images or not and pick the maps you want to save (street, topo, satellite). Keep in mind you cannot have Google Maps chosen in the App's settings...those can't be saved. Any cache in your saved list can then be searched for offline.

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In addition to the above comments, you can also change your map preferences in the Menu -> Settings to openstreetmaps or Bing maps to save the street or satellite maps for offline use. Google's API prevents us from allowing to save Google maps for offline use.


In the future, you will get a faster and more personalized response if you send all general queries and tech support questions to contact@Groundspeak.com. The Community Relations Team responds to all emails, and offers support regarding website use and mobile application use.

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With the official Geocaching app you can upload your PQs via Wi-Fi and use them offline. As for offline maps with a smartphone thats always an issue. You may want to invest in a decent hand held GPSr. You'll get better durability and much longer battery life.

The 62S is already on my x-mas list! :D

Thanks everyone I will give these a try.

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I use the openstreetmap on my iPhone as I found it more accurate then hung when travelling to bermuda, and more detailed for home!


Before I travel, I search for caches in areas I'm goIng to visit and do a search from there. "get next 30 results" a few times so I gather a decent area of where I'll be, then save the lot to a favourite list. In the list view there's the save option at the top, saves time! Wifi at hotels/airports is fantastic as I can upload finds or search for another area... :)

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