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  1. I'm guilty of some of those # of ## logs... though they start a long which has greater description. I found out how annoying "easy" etc logs where then... It's probably similar with people taking swag and not trading. It's more irritating when it's your own cache!! I tend to put more items in then i take out when i have my swag box with me!
  2. I started this thread as a way to gain advice and perspective as to what I thought where harsh posts, claiming finds when the log clearly (and was stated) had not been signed. I wanted other opinions as I thought i may have been over reacting because it was a friend that placed the cache. I looked to people that have been caching for a much longer time then myself, and have a greater experience of the different types of hiding places. Guernsey has a large amount of tupperware hidden in relatively easy places, it's good to see something different from time to time! But to see someone else's idea berated as being stupid I found to be upsetting (Again, I likely took that harder then I should due to the friendship.) I have no issue that Valeites and others did not feel it was safe to try to receive the cache, I myself will not attempt this until I have the help of others/climbers. I believe the issue has come from the rudeness of the original posts (which have now been archived) and that several finds had been wrongly claimed. Hopefully we've all learned something!
  3. That is indeed the Concrete Stack! It's located next to a small parking area next to the coast. I went this evening to have a look, and can understand peoples misgivings about trying to locate the cache! The first line of steel hand holds (the rusty lines of spots) is just above my head (i'm 5'8"). The other two sides of the stack are plain concrete. I would be tempted to try it with the local climbing club, or people with those skills! I certainly won't be getting a smiley on this in a while!
  4. I shall head out to the location this evening and get some snaps. The Co placed it without use of ropes and safety harness, but is young (18) and physically able! I don't think I'd be able to get it, I'm just not fit enough! Will grab some photos for your info.
  5. Thanks people for the advice/views. I passed them onto the CO, and his wonderful reply was
  6. When I'm travelling and caching abroad, I'll put in coins from home. Coming from the Channel Islands, the coins have a good chance of being interesting to alot of people!! I'll also keep coins from my travels, to then use nearer to home. I do also keep a tub in my rucksack of small items that you would see in party bags or similar, these are my basic swag items. Things that I'll add to a cache which is looking a bit empty, or I enjoyed the hunt and felt it was well thought out. I do keep some higher value items, up to around £5-£10 which I'll be careful where I place it. It has to have been a special cache, or trade. I try to always make sure my items are interesting, but what's interesting to me, may not be interesting to the next person!!!
  7. I've been using my iphone to find geocaches since I first started hunting. Most of the time my phone takes me to the right spot. Occasionally I'm looking in the wrong area, but I accept that could be due to a number of things. Most of my finds though are in mainly clear areas, I haven't gone searching for caches in thick woods, that certainly would make a big difference!!! You have to know your device, it's limitations, and what you can do to improve and work with it. I certainly wouldn't use my iphone to hide a cache in the woods for example, but I have used it accurately to hide caches in more open areas.
  8. Thank you, that seems a polite and reasonable way to respond to the logs. "What a dadgum stupid place to put a cache! Found, but not prepared to get to it to sign the log!" I have read another post from the same cacher which I also found to be quite rude, when they were complaining about caches going missing and people not looking after them properly, I did point out I found the cache they couldn't... Maybe they're just old and grumpy?!
  9. I've introduced a friend to Geocaching, they've been enjoying themselves, invested in a gps and started hiding their own caches. (I know some people would argue that they should have more experience before starting to hide caches.) Concrete Stack I feel people have been rather harsh with comments, and really, they shouldn't have claimed this as found!! I have yet to go an investigate the cache, but from looking at the terrain rating ad attributes, it looks like this is going to be difficult to get to, with climbing involved! There are approx 215 caches on the Island, most of which are tupperware hidden at the bottom of trees... (there are some inventive caches also) and I'm wondering if maybe people have gotten to used to having 1 and 2 star caches around!! My question really is am I just being silly? Getting all wound up because it's a friend? Do you think people should claim finds when they haven't even had the cache in hand? (I feel its ok if they can't open the container, ie rusted shut, not a puzzle.) Maybe I'm just after a good whinge!!!
  10. The normal essentials; batteries, torches, pens, pencils, wet wipes and napkins, spare logs and a notebook. A couple of spare 35mm film containers. Swag. Couple of ready caches of different sizes incase I find a good spot. Maps, bus and ferry timetables. Tide table. Spare t-shirt, swim shoes. Bandana, wooly hat. Snacks Water Did I mention pens?!
  11. He shall be missed. I enjoyed watching his YouTube channel, it has inspired me to create better caches, and I loved seeing some of the unique ideas out there. I'm still waiting for someone to say it was all an elaborate hoax! ...
  12. I would like the feature to download map data eg openstreetmap, to the iphone for Wherigo cartridges, so I can use a map whilst out in the field! I have completed a cartridge in the field without maps, but certainly found it a lot more difficult! Because I live on an island, as soon as I leave on holiday/trips, I'm roaming. Data roaming is incredibly expensive. I avoid these charges when away by downloading maps to the iPhone before hand. There are no Wherigo caches local to me, and whilst I enjoy the idea of it, if I have to fumble my way through with no maps, I shall quickly lose interest! A simple request I hope!
  13. Thanks! The reshuffle of the board had me a little lost. Hopefully this will sort me out!
  14. Where is the best place to request a feature for the iPhone app? I really want to be able to use a downloadable map! Walking around with a blank map just detracts a lot from the experience, not to mention makes it a tad harder!
  15. I have a backpack with all my geocaching stuff in. Torch, batteries, box of swag... If I'm going on a long walk it'll have water and food in too. Oh and clothes, like hat, gloves, spare layer if it gets cold, flip flops for when I cripple myself with blisters! and don't forget emergency log books, wipes and plastic bags for a bit of cache maintenance!
  16. Car adverts are showing less and less of the cars these days...
  17. I've only ever once deleted a log as it was somehow a duplicate on a find, and didn't want it to effect my find figures! Is tftc ok for signing the log book then? I don't like to leave just my name.
  18. I'd like something along those lines. It would certainly be useful when Im travelling and can't download direct to the iPhone due to lack of wifi, and I'm not about to pay horrendous data roaming!
  19. Thanks very much I'll much sure to post 2 logs in future if i find a cache that needs maintenance. I've become more aware of some things now I've hidden a couple of caches.
  20. I'm still new to geocaching, not total noob, but there are times when I really feel I should know better!!! The Needs Maintenance log is one of those times. It's pretty straight forward, it says what it says on the tin. My question is, when I find a cache, signed the log book, but it requires more maintenance then I am able to do myself to it, should I be logging 2 logs? Found it AND Maintenance? or does a Needs Maintenance count as having Found It? Aaaaaaaaaah!!! I've recently learnt that leaving bubble liquid in cache's isn't such a good idea either... I'd never realised that it could cause people such problems with caches! Ditto with a TFTC. I thought it was polite to leave that, then found it's not detailed enough! Oh, by the way, my names Chantelle.
  21. That sounds like someone's signature item they left when they found the cache to me. not track able.
  22. I would like to see this feature. It would certainly be useful to be navigating to a cache, a km walk away, and not feel the need to keep hooking the phone out my pocket to make sure ive not passed it! I don't want an alarm that would trig as I was passing any random cache, just the one I'm heading to! Surely that wouldn't be any greater drain on the battery. In a way, would this not help battery life as the phone could remain locked until nearer the cache? I tend to get my direction, Start walking then lock my phone to try and save some battery, intermittently taking the phone out, unlocking, checking distance and locking again on the way. With an alarm, I would be able to follow a path with confidence that I would know once I was near.
  23. I've noticed issues with the photos too. My settings are to save the photos when saving caches, yet it doesn't seem to do so! Frustrating if your looking for that extra hint!
  24. I use the openstreetmap on my iPhone as I found it more accurate then hung when travelling to bermuda, and more detailed for home! Before I travel, I search for caches in areas I'm goIng to visit and do a search from there. "get next 30 results" a few times so I gather a decent area of where I'll be, then save the lot to a favourite list. In the list view there's the save option at the top, saves time! Wifi at hotels/airports is fantastic as I can upload finds or search for another area...
  25. I'm going to have to find an event for 12-12-12!!! There wasn't an event held locally (and I've only just started caching) feeling really left out!! :'(
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