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SUBMITTED (25800) - [BUG] Hyperlinks and images on trackable page

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I just noticed that a dynamic image was not showing up on the page of one of my trackables.

After doing some research I also found that some hyperlinks (e.g. the 'this link'-link on the same trackable page) weren't working properly. The one thing in common, an '&' in the 'href' or 'src'.

It turns out that the '&' is automatically replaced with '&', which should not be a problem, because the browser should be able to recognise this. But if I click the hyperlink, the '&' also shows up in de address bar of the browser, which is obviously not the correct link.


Besides this, every time when you submit the trackable edit page, another 'amp;' is added, which results in these kind of links:



The same links work properly on my public profile by the way, both with '&' and '&' in the link.

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