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Actually, I've wondered that myself. Looking at the GPS, while in Secaucus, NJ, I find a nearby reference point: R-Legen011-GS Reference Point. I have no idea what it is for! Since it is located in the parking area of the football stadium in the Meadowlands, I'm guessing that there is some cache associated with football, that has these reference points all about. But that's the only one that I've seen, and I have no idea where the rest of the cache is.

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Any easy way to look up the cache associated with a certain waypoint? I have a waypoint EF2ZFTN and there's no information on my GPS other than the coordinates. I wouldn't be one I created myself, as my GPS automatically gives them a simple number. So it must be associated with a cache. How to find out? TIA.


Just replace the first two letters with GC, resulting in GC2ZFTN. The waypoint you mentioned is Location 3.

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You're welcome!


@Harry Dolphin: That's a tough one, I don't know of any default naming pattern like that. Are you sure you downloaded that waypoint from gc.com without any modification?

Maybe it's from some special event you attended or the like?


Edit: If you're using GSAK you could try to set a filter on child waypoints.

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That reference point has the code GS32KB4, so it just differs in the prefix as usual. The name of the waypoint also doesn't contain "legen".


Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, I didn't mean a quick name or code search. What I meant was to click Search->Filter->Children and enter the waypoint name or part of it in the "name contains" field. That should yield the right mother cache, no matter of its code or name.


Your mystery cache question surely has a higher difficulty rating than the first one ;)

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