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Loggin a cache

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Dear friends,


I'm now a geocacher for several moths. Until now i've logged 38 caches. For me, it's great fun. I enjoy doing this.

But logging through the official website isn't easy.

Why can't there be a menuitem for a page where you can directly search for a cache?

Just add this menuitem in the menu 'My Profile'. This is much easier tehn the way i have to log now.

I hope this can be done.


best regards


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What GPS?

Do you log by phone, if so, what App?

Do you have the ability to use Field Notes from you GPS/phone via the computer?


Let us know a bit more, we may have the solution! :)


Hi Bear and Ragged

Thanks for responding.

I do have a Garmin GPSmap 62st. I'm not caching with a phone.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'Field Notes'? Can you explain?

I'm curious to hear your solution

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Field Notes > http://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx

From that page > http://www.geocaching.com/my/uploadfieldnotes.aspx and click on the Garmin tab.


As you cache, mark as 'Found'on the GPS. include a few words so you can remember the cache. (Making a 'proper log' on the GPS is tedious! Easier to do it at home on the computer)

Get home and connect your GPS to the computer and go the the Fild Notes page, and follow the instructions.


Caches will be listed in the order you Found or DNF'd them ready to Compose Log with your proper written log based on the notes you made..


Welcome to the World of Paperless Caching! :D

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