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Handy Translation Greasemonkey Script

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Google Translator Tooltip


This is a sweet Greasemonkey(Firefox Addon) script which translates highlighted text using Google's translate services which auto-detects the source language and translates it into english(or whatever language you have set locally) and displays in the tooltip without leaving the page. Pretty sweet for viewing log entries in languages you don't know. I've got a TB that's spent a bit of time in EU so this has been helpful to enjoy the log entires.





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Sounds like the same as this Firefox extension.


I haven't really looked at the code behind greasemonkey scripts but one of my collegues has been doing some really interesting stuff with node.js and built a search tool as a bookmarklet using the node.js javascript environment. It installs in a browser in just a couple of seconds. Then one can go to any web page, click on a button in the tool bar and it will initiate a search against an index that backs a semantic web application and will display a list of "experts" on the topics described on that web page. Highlighting text on a web page will initiate another search using just those terms. It's *really* fast and quite powerful. One of the days I'll get a copy of his code and have been thinking how I might apply it in a geocaching context but I'd probably need access to the geocaching api to make it really useful.

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