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Not filling a new cache with swag?


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Speaking strictly toward my own bias, I would probably be somewhat disappointed to find a full size cache, empty of everything but a logbook. My mind would wonder why the owner didn't just spit out a film can.


Most micros are harder to find and most trackables do not fit.


My first caches contained some swag, the newer ones and replacements of older ones do not, but not because the degradation of swag, but just I have no interest in swag whatsoever and think that most items that can be found in caches are not best kept inside containers in the forest to stay there for months or even years.


I prefer small caches to micros in almost all circumstances, but I prefer by far swagless caches to one packed up with swag resulting in my personal fight to close the container well after having locked. As I do not have trading items with me, I cannot play the trick to add something small and take something large to compensate for my being more clumsy than the average cacher in packing up all items.


One suggestion I can make to reduce swag degradation is to make your caches less appealing to the P&G crowd. The caches which I own that are really difficult to get to actually improve, over time, with regards to swag. In speaking with the people who have hunted these caches, it seems they have a tendency to set aside a day just to do one, and as part of their planning, they often bring along some unique tidbit of swag to leave behind, taking nothing.


I do not take anything away, but I also do not bring new items. If I go for a long hike, I would be even less motivated to take anything with me not needed during the hike than when doing a city cache. The typical hiking caches in my area do contain no swag or a just a few small items (this case is more rare than the no swag case). Typically, the only caches that contain more swag items are a few family friendly caches hidden by cachers who cache with not too old children.



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mine must be a knock off...


Oooo, that's too bad. I hope you didn't pay a lot for them. There are lots of knock-off lock n locks at the dollar store. They don't last long, within about 3 months the tabs start to break off.

It's hard to find true Lock-n-Lock brand around most places these days. WalMart ran them out. I noticed even the Rubbermaid brand is getting hard to find. Walmart just came out with their own knock-off so I'll be trying those. At $.50 a container it's worth the trial run.

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Swag is nice but not a requirement. My first ammo can placement is the final of a multi; I figured it would be done rarely enough that swag wouldn't matter. I agree with the sentiment that the more the cache is about the journey the less the swag is relevant. The longer the journey the less a cacher is going to want to carry the extra space/weight for swag to leave/take/trade.


The one time I'd say placing a regular/large cache without swag is bad form is a "kids cache" (easy Traditional with the Kid Friendly attribute, which may or may not be clearly called a kids cache in the title/description). I'd think families with kids are the kinds most likely to go for these and most likely to care about swag.

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Most micros are harder to find...

Must be a local phenominum. Around here, the opposite seems to be true.

The majority, (51-99%), of micros take roughly 3.1 seconds to locate after leaving your car. <_<


There are caches around here that don't require exiting you vehicle. But yes, most micros are not hard to find. If it doesn't fall out when lifted it is probably velcroed to the inside of the lamp skirt.

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