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How to perform certain tasks on the oregon

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I would like to change the color of the navigation beam but can't find it. I could have sworn I could change it on my vista. I can change current track, and each individual track.


I went to a lot of trouble getting the track colors to stand out from the map attributes, then I picked a current track color to make it stand out. Only problem is now the tracks match the goto beam. So I had to pick each track one by one and change the color. That will only get worse when I have more tracks.



Also, I want to be able to clear the total odometer. Not the trip odometer, it's easy enough to clear trip data. The total odometer. I don't care the total number my gps has traveled and that's all that data indicates if I can't clear it to reflect something specific.


Is there a way to change the map pointer? It seems kind of big.

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So what use is the total odometer reading? Does anyone actually use that statistic? For instance, mine says 550 miles.


But what does it tell me. I've driven some of it, but not all of it because I"ve turned my gps on and off. I've walked some of it,who knows how much.


It seems like a meaningless feature, I can't figure out why garmin put it there. All it seems to have done is confuse people. I've already searched the threads. People dont' seem to know the differance between trip odometer and total odometer.

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