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Time to log caches for souvenirs


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To get the latest souvenir awarded for the "international geocaching day" worked for my account very well. But my daughters (nicks: Nonoli and Musella) logged the same Caches like me about one week after the "international geocaching day". And they did not receive the souvenir jet. Same happened to the souvenir for the 10 Years celebration on May 2nd 2010.


Why is there such a short time to log a Cache? During Holidays my daughters have not access to the internet every day.

Is it possible to assign this one or both awards again?


Thanx, Michael from Mi2NaLe from Germany

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The souvenirs for the international caching day were all awarded in one batch, if memory serves me correctly, it was on the Thursday after. Most likely they won't do it again, to catch stragglers, but might do one individually if you shoot them an email.


Your best bet would be to shoot an email to them and see if they can add it.

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