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Unlisted cache found today

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Nothing I can see on geocaching.com, neither new and not listed or old and archived. Any identification on the box/logbook? State of the box indicating how long it may have been out there?




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Thanks for looking Chris. He's only just rung me to tell me about it so I'll get him to take a photo.

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Which OpenCaching did you check? Garmin or http://www.opencaching.org.uk/


Also http://www.terracaching.com/


Haven't tried Terracaching yet. Will do so now. Thanks

I've looked at TerraCaching and NaviCaching - nothing matched there. I've also checked opencaching.org.uk admin and there isn't anything awaiting publication near those co-ordinates.


The only site I know of that I haven't checked is Garmin.


Rgds, Andy

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I've now checked Teracaching and it's not on there either. It didn't have a stamp in it so it's not a letterbox and it looked like it was newly placed so I guess I'll just have to wait until who ever put it there decides to submit it. They'll have a shock when they do as three caching teams were all flying their model planes on Garway Hill today so it's had 3 finds already . LOL

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