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staying logged on in forums AND other stuff


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I thougth I just got an email saying that if I logged on on the home page, then when I went to the forums I would be automatically logged in? I stay logged onto to geocaching.com but still have to manually log in on the forums when I want to reply to a message. And yes, I did check all the applicable boxes on the first log in page. Even went back, logged out and then on again. It didn't last past the one visit.


The latest cache that I hid has been found and logged. But on my cache page it doesn't show as being found.


little things, but annoying.



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April 5 by thumper245 (5 found)

Found it without any trouble. Took the coin and cd.


This one is logged as an other instead of a found it. You could try writing to the finder and asking them to edit their log to a found it.



Thanks, Mike


It's Purple Martin Time in Tennessee

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