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Dislike the new layout

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I dislike the new layout VERY much!! Who makes these "creative" decisions? Maybe GC should test the waters before implementing. This is a major disappointment. PLEASE return the date found column to the previous state. I don't need/want to see avatars.


who cares how many days ago a cache was found, I feel it is more important to see the date found by each finder. With all of the pictures in the avatars, it will take pages longer to load as well

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When I look at logs, I generally want to see the log type and the date next to each other so that it makes a statement: e.g. Found on 10/10/2005


I can get used to most of the cosmetic changes, but I doubt I can get used the to disconnect that we have now with the date on the opposite side of the screen from the log type. Indeed I am glad they are at least back somewhere, but why not make it fully functional. Did it not become clear in the feedback that we use the date heavily?

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