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Duke of the Desert

Are cache reports actually reviewed before they are posted?

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I am curious if the cache reports are actually reviewed before they are posted. Can one assume that since the cache has been posted, that it actually meets the guidelines set forth in the Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines. http://www.geocaching.com/articles/requirements.asp


When reviewing the guidelines before placing my first cache I recalled seeing a rule about buried caches.

Caches will be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not inclusive):


**Caches that are buried

- If a shovel/trowel/pointy object is used to dig - in order to hide or find a cache - it's not appropriate.


Does this rule mean that all buried caches are out, or only those that require a digging tool to retrieve it?


I happen to note that this particular posted cache states in the description that the cache "can be located with the help of a metal detector and a shovel"


It was suggested that as the cache is buried in the sand, and you can dig in sand with your hands, and the cache was reviewed prior to posting, than there is no problem with the cache.


I'm not trying to be a kill joy here, and spoil anyones hidden cache. Just looking for clarification of the rule.





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The word "buried" raises all sorts of flags to those who review caches, and cache postings have been declined if caches were buried with a shovel.


If there is any doubt the cache owner is asked for an explanation. There was one recently in which the cache owner suggested bringing a shovel as a precaution. When queried it turned out that there was a remote possibility of a car getting stuck in the soft sand of the parking lot - hence the shovel.


If a cache is on the beach or in a similar location where "buried" would mean buried in soft sand there is usually no hesitation about posting it - unless the location is a fragile and protected dune environment.


Without the name or URL of the cache you've referenced I can't tell you more. Sometimes we're buried (pun intended) with caches to review and errors occur. I'd suggest looking for the cache and if you feel it's inappropriately buried educate the cache owner for his or her benefit, suggest it be relocated if necessary. Thanks!


erik - geocaching.com admin lackey

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