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Is my eXplorist 100 too old?

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Sounds like a strange question, but here is what is happening:


I passed my Magellan eXplorist '100' (the bottom of the line orange GPSr) to my aunt, who just passed her 500th cache. The '100' has larger, clearer lettering for her to read, plus is easier for her to use (technology is difficult for her to learn.)


Many times, when she first starts the GPSr, it will either take several minutes to even begin finding satellites, or will give an error message about no being able to find satellites. Then she has to reset the GPSr from the menu, which takes several more minutes before finding enough satellites to get a 4D fix.


Once up and working, the '100' working perfectly and has good accuracy.


At the same time, I have started my 60Cx and get a 4D fix in less than a minute.


The firmware on the '100' is dated Thanes 2004. Is there a flaw in the firmware for it to work properly with the new satellites launched in the last few years?


This unit does not have the ability to connect to my computer (no connector) so I cannot update the firmware.


(The reason I ask is that I had the 'vertical line problem' on my Garmin Legend back several years ago when a new type of GPS satellite was put into service. There was a glitch in the Legend's firmware. After several months, Garmin brought out a firmware upgrade that fixed the problem.)

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