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Cache Content Ugliness


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I found a Lifestyles condom in one this past winter. Actually....let me start over. My 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER found a Lifestyles condom in one this past winter. It was very hard to ward off her questions about what it means for something to cause "Maximum Sensitivity and Pleasure". Ugh! I'm sure the person who left it's heart was in the right place as there appeared to be a discarded mattress about 20 paces away in the woods and maybe thought it'd come in handy...but seriously, not something I want kids coming across.


While I wouldn't put a condom in a cache, I don't think it's a problem at all. I would simply repeat the thing I was told during a thread I started where I was dadgum near crucified: Trade Up and throw it out. Unlike the subject of the forementioned thread, I don't believe condoms are inherently inappropriate.


My biggest concern would be that someone had poked a hole in it. Take a chance like that and 10 years later you may be explaining to someone that they exist because of bad geocaching swag.


As a participant of non-self-imposed sexual asceticism it's not an issue for me. :sad:

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