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Is my cookie broken?


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My cookie seems to not be working as I thought it would. Geocaching.com remembers me, but when I click over to the forums, I am NOT logged in.


If I click "login", it will then know me without me entering any further info. Sometimes it takes more that one click (on login) to be recognized.


Is there something I should be doing differently? icon_confused.gif



N 39°54.705'

W 77°33.137'

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I reported this a few days ago. Its not specific to having the cookie. I often bounce around between the login screen and forums 10-20 times before the forums finally recognize that I'm logged in.


Typically, the forum will say I'm not logged in, so I click on the login link, enter my username and password, which then takes me right back to the forums, which still say I'm not logged in. So on and so forth a dozen or more times till it finally welcomes me as being logged in.


Very frustrating. I've tested it on 5 diffrenet computers both at the office and at home, same thing.




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