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Private Rate-A-Cache system

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Mopar asked that I explain how I created the Rate-A-Cache system I have on our cache pages. (Those can be found here.)


First, I found the script for rating whatever you want HERE. I used the Standard version. It is a cgi program so you need to be familiar with installing these and have a website you can install it to. The installation is really easy and is a good script to start out on if you're new to cgi.


The graphics are custom and the Successfull Vote page is modified to allow for the opportunity to leave feedback. The feedback form uses the standard FORMMAIL script to send the mail.


I'm not a programer, but some things I can hack around in to make it do what I want. You'll notice I left the links to the programmer's website like he asked.


MORE: How this script works is when you click on the Rate-A-Cache button, it uses JavaScript to open another window and call an SSI-enabled page from my website. This page has the script call embedded within it. I've been tinkering with putting the HTML code for the page directly into the script to bypass the page call. The problem is passing the name of the cache to the script. I know nothing of how to do this.


Wish List:

  • I'd like to be able to generate a jpg file for each cache I'm rating. i.e. I have a cache with cacheID of 52917, after each vote the script will average the total and copy the appropriate rating jpg, 1.jpg through 10.jpg, to 52917.jpg. This way I can call the 52917.jpg from anywhere and it will reflect the cache's rating.
  • Second, I would like to be able to pass a name to the script so I can display the cache's name directly in the window that opens.

If this could happen then I could call the script directly from the cache without having to have intermediate pages. Plus, other users could use this script at places like netfirms.com--free wedhosting that allow your own cgi-bin.


Good luck with your tinkering.





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