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Spoiler photos...


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I like the new cache log pages that show all the photos on one page, only problem is when someone posts several pictures and one of them is a spoiler... clicking on the link for one photo displays them all.


Could we have a means for "tagging" a particular photo as a spoiler, say a check box on the "upload photo" page, that would automatically plaster the word Spoiler in red across the image so that it could not be seen unless a user clicks on it?




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Pretty much all photos are spoilers, to one degree or another.
I've seen plenty of photos in cache logs and descriptions which were just fun to see. If they happen to show the cache's hiding place then they might be spoilers, especially if the description explains things...


An example of a log from a Western Australian cache where the pictures are

just for fun, and another, also from WA, where it would be nice if the descriptions could be encrypted.


Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk

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