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I got this post from one of our local groups and thought I'd share it:


Hello Beatles Fans,


I am in London, living just a couple of blocks from the studios where

the Beatles recorded their Abbey Road album - with that famous cover

photo of John, Ringo, Paul and George crossing the road at what is

called a zebra crossing. Beatles fans from all over the world come

here to walk that same crossing and write notes on the graffiti wall.

Of course there is a geocache at the site, too (London - Beatles Abbey

Road GC6F12).


You can see this spot online, if you can't get to London yourself,

thanks to a web cam that is constantly filming the crossing - and you

can take a still photo from that camera if you like. You will see the

video, then scroll down to some still shots that people have posted.

Just above the lower left still photo - and below the date, is a

string of icons. Place your cursor there and you will see your



The link: http://www.abbeyroad.com/visit


I will be at the crossing at 3:00pm today, Sunday, July 31st Eastern

U.S. time (my 8pm), so stop by and I will say hello.



John Addu



You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups

"Southern Piedmont Geocachers" group.

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Is the cache site visible from the webcam?


The webcam IS the cache. It's a Webcam Cache!

Even my brother and sister found 'took a webcam photo' at this one.

Ahhh! for some reason I thought that webcam caches were retired before this webcam was in place, I have no idea why I thought that though.


I spent way too much time over my morning coffee looking at this site. "The car is stopping! There they go!!"

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I watched for way too long...

In Victoria BC we have a crossing that is IMO more frustrating to drive through than that one.

It's Bellville and Menzies, for you locals.

At least at Abbey Rd the people were aware cars were passing.

This crosswalk in Victoria is an absolute gong show during tourist season.


edit: yes, our crazy crossing has a cache within sight of it as well.

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