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Why was there a need for another reviewer in NJ?

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From what I see, Cotton Malone seems to be reviewing the caches in North Jersey. Welcome, Cotton Malone. Nice working with you, OReviewer.

In my seven years hiding caches in North Jersey. I've dealt with NJAdmin, Pofe, and OReviewer. Never had dealings with SkeetSurfer or Lord Stirling. (Oh. And one reviewed by Hydee...)

Why Are Reverowers Names So Weard?


Explains a lot.

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Most of the caches in NJ are confined to Wharton Forest, and North NJ within 30 miles of New York, and suburbs to the south of Philadelphia. All the caches are confined to one spot. And this spot is nowhere near me. I plan on changing this by hiding a few caches in the Burlington area, to spur up interest in cachers who, hopefully (If all goes as planned) will hide caches of their own for me to find.


Please don't. One of the things that makes caching in NJ so good is the lack of "lame" caches. (Queue up the LPC debate)


I'm sorry we hold our cache placements to a higher standard. But we like it this way!


I'm pretty sure that that even though I live in PA, I have the right to hide any type of cache I chose to in NJ. I'm not sure about your "higher standards", I found a lame LPC in Gloucester County, Ocean County, Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex county, and found a lame parking lot caches that was not a guardrail or LPC in Cape May county, and was surprised to find nothing but great caches in Camden County. In all honesty, I find more caches all around NJ then I do PA, for nearly a half year I had two more NJ counties then PA counties, I now have 1 more PA county then NJ. I just have way more finds in PA because whenever I stop to go to a store I can find a quick parking lot caches, seriously, some parking lots here have 4 - 5 caches. It's crazy! I was NJ was like that.


NJ isn't like that and we like it that way. Keep your parking lot micros on the west side of the Delaware. We love our long hikes and challenges. Our most favorited cache has only 62 favorites and the 10th most favorited cache here has only 18 favorites. It's not because our caches stink, it's because there are so many good ones that most people can't narrow things down to a few. Where else would a cache like this one only get 15 favorite points or one like this oneonly get nine?


Woah, hold it there. I was going to hide an ammo box in a small suburban park in Burlington! Look at all my active caches, all of them are in parks and only 1 micro, of which I could not hide a larger cache due to the endangered vegetation near the beautiful view of the cache site! I archived the few lame parking lot caches I hid, I only like hiding caches in the woods. My most recent cache is an exception, I wanted to hide a cache for my friend's when they returned home from Florida that was within short walking distance, but the ammo box in Neshamity state park was a no-go because PA state parks charge $25 to hide a cache, so I was going to place it in NJ in a suburban park. Not going to be a huge hike, maybe .2 - .3 miles into a nice little park, so maybe this is your idea of a bad cache?


Yes, I do want to spur up more caches whether they are parking lot caches or caches in the woods. I perfer caches in the woods that require hikes, my favorite caches were the few times I went up the mountains, but I also love lame urban finds when I am in the area and want a quick cache, I don't see how having a lame urban micro will interfere in any way shape or form with the caches in the forest area's up north, or woods anywhere. Unless there is a gas station in the middle of a forest...


I also don't feel like you, as one geocacher, represents all of New Jersey. You only posted pictures of one part of New Jersey of which you are familiar, I have not been in northern New Jersey, but Wharton forest is beautiful, just as much as the forest up north, then you have the amazing views of the beaches to the lower-east of the state, you have the jaw-dropping marshlands of the extreme-south (to the west of beaches) new jersey, the awesome view of flat farmland for miles in mid-south new jersey, I think this is a beautiful state, but just as varied are the environments, so are the geocachers, the geocaches. Such is the nature of things, you can't hide a cache a 4 mile hike in a forest in the middle of Camden, nope, you hide an urban micro, whether lame or not.

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Westfield is a very nice town! You should go back. The Watchung Reservation has an absolutely insane amount of caches. There were only 11 or 12 when I was last in the area in 2004.


I was pouring it on a little thick. I wouldn't mind going back to the Watchungs, or walking along the Raritan canal paths. Or even going back to the Pine Barrens. As long as I don't have to drive the Parkway, the Turnpike, or Route 22. The problem isn't that I can't drive 'em, I just don't like to because that aggression spreads. The longer I drove on them, the angrier I got.


On reviewer names, to get slightly back on topic, it's always interested me how many reviewers in the US (not all) try to conceal their true identities. I knew who the local reviewers were around Wiesbaden, it wasn't hard as their names were modifications or anagrams of their player accounts. The only reason I found out the identity of the reviewer for central Virginia is because they quietly revealed themselves to me, knowing I was about to leave the area, and swore me to secrecy.


(That said, not all US reviewers do this -- mtn-man doesn't even have a separate reviewer account.)

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Who even knew New Jersey *had wilderness areas?! I'll have to check it out. Point Pleasant is my entire vision of NJ. :)

Even a lot of the "not quite wilderness" in NJ is pretty nice.


Years ago my company sent me for a training thingie in NJ. While there, I went to Manhattan one night,and caught the last New Jersey Transit bus out of the Port Authority to get back to my hotel. I fell asleep and missed my exit, but woke up in time to get off at the next exit. I had to walk a mile or two back, along Hwy 495. I was amazed at all of the rabbits... the moon was bright, the grass and clover next to the highway must have been young and tender. I saw hundreds of bunnies in that stretch of highway!

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