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Please help me (re TT maps)

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What am I doing wrong??


I've just inherited a Garmin Oregon 450t. I have a micro SD card in it with the UK OS Discoverer Maps on and they are working just fine. There is a folder on the SD card called GARMIN and there are two files inside that folder (GMAPSUPP.IMG and GMAPSUPP.UNL) So far so good...


I've downloaded TT's maps, unzipped them and renamed it to GMAPSUPP.IMG but Ive placed it in the internal memory of the Oregon in the folder called 'Garmin' (I placed it here as I thought if I put it on the SD card it would replace the files already on the SD card as they're called the same thing...)


When I switch on the Oregon I can switch the OS maps on and off no problem and they work just fine, and it DOES also tell me that the TT OSM is there but when I switch it on I never see any roads on the screen at all (not even in the middle of Norwich where I presume the OSM is fine) There are some details, but nothing like it should look like at all.


If I wanted to place this TT map file on the micro SD card how could I have the OS maps too if the files are called the same thing? I just want to be able to switch between OS maps and TT maps, but as I said - they don't seem to be loaded up properly even though they are on the internal memory of the device.


Any help greatly massively appreciated



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Hello TopMonkey,


You can only have one GMAPSUPP.IMG file working at any time (see details on the talky toaster page (Here under INSTRUCTIONS).


So when you put the new GMAPSUPP.IMG file on the SD card (it must go on the card) it overwrites the first one. To keep the original GMAPSUPP.IMG file on the card, if there is enough room, you can rename it with something to remind you what it was. If you want the UK OS Discoverer Map you have to make that the GMAPSUPP.IMG file again, rename the toaster map.


I've had the OSM map of the UK on my Garmin 60csx and on the PC in Mapsource for quite a while now and not swapped back. The OSM map is in places especially citys like Norwich better than the OS map. Norwich OSM map is brilliant!


You can go a step further and start putting ways you've travelled onto the OSM map, it's very fulfilling to participate.




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Thanks Bernard but it still doesn't work


I've now renamed the files on the SD card and its the same as before. It 'sort of' loads the maps as I can see buildings (in grey) and trees (in green) and the rest of the background is in a sort of peach colour. I cannot see any roads or paths at all - there's just a blank space where the roads should be basically.


I'm getting very frustrated now :mad:

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Weird thing is, if I rename my OS maps "OSDISC.IMG" and leave them on the card it still finds them and operates the maps! Why aren't these OSM maps working for me?


I'm beginning to think I have a defective unit that wont render the roads properly... Is this possible?

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Gald you sorted out the problem.


Having said that, I have no idea whatsoever what particular setting on the maritime profile was causing the maps not to show properly. Anybody with an Oregon or something similar got a clue??

At a guess I'd say that maritime profile is only interested in water bodies, not roads. Also the difference in OS versus OSM mapsets are that the Garmin OS maps are RASTER based and therefore don't have layers (and are not transparent), unlike the OSM ones that are VECTOR based and contain multiple layers and are transparent.


I suspect you'd have the same problem with Garmin TOPO maps using the maritime profile.


This is just an educated guess, not fact.


Oh, by the way you can have separate profiles on an Oregon and have each one use different maps; I do this for OS, OSM UK and OSM Europe, each in a separate profile.




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