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When I am setting the parameters of the search, I can set it to look for caches that are equal to or less then, equal to or greater, or just equal to a certain rating. The problem I find is that it lists only full #s. I currently am trying to generate 2 lists, one of all caches 2.0 difficulty & below, and another 2.5 and greater. Once completed, I will have a list of all physical caches in NJ. It does not list 1.5, 2.5, etc. Why?


I can either set the search for 3 & above (thereby losing all 2.5 rated caches) or set it for 2.0 and above, (duplicating all the 2.0 ones.) If we can rate a cache in halves, why can't we also search for them as well?





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Regarding duplicates:


Split the list however you need to in order to get a full set (split by rating or by type or whatever), then just use Watcher to combine them (which filters duplicates, of course), and if you'd like, split them into whatever filtered sets you want from there.


(Yeah, it'd be nice if there were half points, but at least they're not necessary thanks to GPX.)


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Hehe... Geocaching.com may not do that, but Watcher's had it for quite some time. It is indeed nice. My standard filters in Watcher are to only show caches with at least 2.5 but less than 5 terrain and up to 3 difficulty.


(Of course, then there's my fun filters... nothing short of terrain 4, and I usually end up just marking the terrain 5 caches to send to my PDA and GPS receiver.)


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