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Magellan explorer GC wont boot

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I bought a new magellan explorer gc. The batteries that came with the package did not work so I used some of my own. However the device does not start right after its shutted down unless I remove the batteries and keep them out of the gps for a few hours. When I put them back in it works normally but as I turn it off its the same thing allower again.


There seems to be some sort of power problem but I dont see how it work or where the fault is. I have managed to set the battery type to the batteries I use "alkaline" and tried with several battaries "new".

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I also just bought the GC and was ready to drop kick it all the way back to the store, but patience endured....so far. I did a quick internet search and found THIS (just follow steps 1-4 in the "booting up the Magellan GC") website to show me how to at least get the GC connected to the PC. Once I got that I updated the GC software to v1.7, located HERE, and once that was done things seemed to be working.

I only say "seems" because I just finished the upload and haven't really given it a good trial yet. Hope this helps cause I am hoping it will work with mine.

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I too recently purchased this unit as an 'extra' so that we could be paperless. So excited!

We had it out once and it worked fine. But now when you start it up, it appears to be constanting searching for satelites and gets no further. Can't turn it off, can't connect to PC. Tried reboot button at the botton of the unit, also tried the power/menu/power combo suggested in the email above, but still nothing.

Have to take out batteries and disconnect from PC just to turn it off! Yikes!

Unfortunately, I'm in another country so cannot even return it at this time. Any more suggestions would be appreciated.


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Well after extensive tests (Best of the Bad Mega Event, & some caching around home) I have yet to have any more problems with my Magellan GC! Love the accuracy, signal, & paperless features. Been caching with some family and they have the Garmin etrex (not sure what model) and have been fairly similar throughout our caches. So like I said before hope this helps.

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