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  1. Well after extensive tests (Best of the Bad Mega Event, & some caching around home) I have yet to have any more problems with my Magellan GC! Love the accuracy, signal, & paperless features. Been caching with some family and they have the Garmin etrex (not sure what model) and have been fairly similar throughout our caches. So like I said before hope this helps.
  2. I also just bought the GC and was ready to drop kick it all the way back to the store, but patience endured....so far. I did a quick internet search and found THIS (just follow steps 1-4 in the "booting up the Magellan GC") website to show me how to at least get the GC connected to the PC. Once I got that I updated the GC software to v1.7, located HERE, and once that was done things seemed to be working. I only say "seems" because I just finished the upload and haven't really given it a good trial yet. Hope this helps cause I am hoping it will work with mine.
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