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  1. I'm having the same problem... I've used Vantage Point to upload caches from my Explorist GC in the past and it worked great.. I loved it!! But we just got a new Explorist 510 and after our first day out Vantage Point uploaded the first two caches but it would not upload any more even though they were all in logs.txt. I logged the rest of them manually, deleted the logs.txt from my Explorist and went caching again the next day.. at days end it would not upload ANY of them.. it said there were none to upload, but when I went into the log.txt via Internet Explorer, they are all there, even the ones from the previous day which obiously did not delete. If I unchecked the date restriction on Vantage Point, it once again uploaded the first two caches from the first day but no others!! Something is obviously wrong. Any suggestions would be welcome. Bonnie
  2. Thanks for the quick reply... but although I agree with you that is how I'd think it "should" work, this one does not seem to find that new satellite lock by itself. I can be standing right out in the open and it still thinks I'm at my last location. B.
  3. I'm having a problem finding the "Nearest" Caches with my new Magellan Explorist GC. With my Garmin eTrex it's simple.. when I turn it on, it knows where I am now and finds me the closest caches. But every time I try to use my Magellan Explorist GC, it starts up as if I were at my "last" location.. not where I am now. I fiddle in every menu and usually by pushing just about every option, I eventually get it to reset to where I currently am, but "how" I do this, I'm not sure ... and I have to do it every time!! It's incredibly frustrating. So my question is.. Is there a simple way to get it to reset itself to my current location? B.
  4. I too recently purchased this unit as an 'extra' so that we could be paperless. So excited! We had it out once and it worked fine. But now when you start it up, it appears to be constanting searching for satelites and gets no further. Can't turn it off, can't connect to PC. Tried reboot button at the botton of the unit, also tried the power/menu/power combo suggested in the email above, but still nothing. Have to take out batteries and disconnect from PC just to turn it off! Yikes! Unfortunately, I'm in another country so cannot even return it at this time. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Bonnie
  5. Thanks for the advice.. I "think" I have it figured out now. Bonnie
  6. Thanks for the advice.. ... found a home for one on Friday, and it's on it's way again... whoot!! I'll find a home for the other soon. B.
  7. I need advice. I have two TB's to place that I brought back from a recent vacation. However... although we've been looking, we've not found any appropriote caches in which to place them. The caches we've found are either too small, too full, too remote, or in an 'iffy' area, etc. Any advice on how to search for caches that would be the most appropriote for placing TB's? For example, it it better to put it in a Park and Grab type of cache.. or is there a way to tell if caches are visited often? Is it best to place it near an airport if it wants to travel? I just want to do the best by them. B.
  8. I'm another noob... so I apologize in advance. I'm a premium member and up until now have still been downloading Caches individually. I've used the Pocket Queries.. but still downloaded each one individually.. yes time consuming! So I spent a couple hours reading the forums and decided to brave EasyGPS to try it out.. Used a small Pocket Query (only 5).. had it sent it to my email, saved the zip file on my computer, and opened the .gpx file in EasyGPS .. Cool! It even showed the hints if I requested them.. very cool. Next step... send the 5 caches to my GPS, a Garmin etrex Legend HCx. And it worked!! Cool..... BUT.. it deleted all my other Caches that were stored there previously. WHAT? Okay.. damage is already done, so I tested another.. and it worked again, but deleted all the caches that came from Pocket Query #1. What am I doing wrong? (Also, although I decryped the hints.. I don't know if they just don't show up on my device?) Bonnie
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