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Soft or What?

Gps Storm

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Are my caches hard... or have cacher's just gotten soft!!


Here in Nelspruit I have had a new cache up for grabs since 26th April, 2011.....


It's a easy walk up to the top of a koppie along side a fence that is kept weed and grass free. So it's a easy walk, no bush wacking etc!!


There have been quite a few other new caches in the area since I placed this one and all have been found!!


Come on guy's, are we getting soft or what?????

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Thanks GPS Storm, the laaities and me claimed the FTF today. And it sure wasn't a walk in the park for me. The laaities however are rugby/cricket/hockey/etc fit and were looking forward for another koppie to climb, but I wasn't in the mood.


Usually a koppie like this will not be such a problem but I ques it must be an issue of getting soft/lazy.


I also have to confess that your caches are nearly never easy but always very well thought out and one can see all the effort you put into it.


Keep on with those listings and the cachers will come.

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We were in Nelspruit not long ago and it was just not possible for us to go now again.... so no we would have enjoyed it, and are defintely up for the challenge... (always).... :laughing: maybe sometime soon we will again have time for Nelspruit, there are still many caches there we need to go and find... :rolleyes:

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