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Font on new forum


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Originally posted by Varmint1:

I don't know if it is because I have a MAC or just that my eyes are old, but this new font is much harder to read than the old format. Maybe size, maybe font. I like the new format of board with this exception.

Several people have commented on the font and how it displays in different browsers. I'll look into it and see if I can adjust it to be more like the previous forums.



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Originally posted by Varmint1:

I don't know if it is because I have a MAC


Being a Mac user, you can fix this problem in 1 click. If you are using Internet Exploder, just hit the Command (Apple) key and the plus sign (+). You have just overridden the font definition for that web page by increasing the font size displayed and all subsequent pages you visit (during that browser session).


Keep hitting it and the text will get bigger, one font size at a time. Command minus does the reverse. This is why Windows only web developers hate me!


The font family and size they are using here is "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2". This a very common font family definition and is in wide spread use. It is an excellent combination that I would not recommend changing.


Verdana is a font created by Microsoft that was specifically created to render small font sizes clearly with a minimum of aliasing. It was designed for the web and is a bit map only and bundled with both Windbloze and Mac versions of IE.


Arial is a Windbloze system font of which Helvetica is the Mac counterpart. They are both very similar in style. By default Winbloze machines don't have Helvetica and Macs don't have Arial installed. This is why many poorly designed web sites commonly specify only Arial. A Mac user viewing such a page will get something the designer would be quite surprised to see. It is crucial that multiple fonts be defined, as was done here, on these forum pages.


By specifying all 3, your browser looks for the first font, if it finds it, it will use it. If if fails to find it, it will look for the second and so on. By specifying all three, even the most basic Winbloze and Mac's should see pretty much the same thing, even though they will be using different fonts.


As a courtesy to other platforms and users that must manage numerous fonts, it is common to add a last attribute to the font definition tag in case all the specific fonts specified are not found. That would be in this case "san-serif". This will tell the browser to use what ever default font the system does have that is san-serif (no little curly things on the characters). This has not as yet been implemented on forum pages.


Hope this helps.

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