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An easy-to use Android app that works well in the UK?

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Hi everyone,


I'm asking this on behalf of a friend, so please be patient :)


He has an Android phone and would like to know if there are any easy-to-use, free (or relatively cheap) apps for his Android phone that work well in the UK.


Can anyone recommend something please? Or give any other advice? I know I could have posted this in the Tech Help forum but I'm worried that certain apps may work well in the US but not be so good for the UK.


Thanks very much!


ToniB x

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I'm a great fan of my faithful Geobeagle - got an android phone last year and don't know if things have changed now but the Groundspeak app didnt seem to have as much word of one syllable instructions as I could find about geobeagle, else I'd have installed it instead. Not normally a technophobe (can't be for my job - but somehow phones leave me cold!)


Never had issues with what I use though :D

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