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GPX for Benchmarks?


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Any chance we can some day do pocket queries on Benchmark waypoints? I've been having fun finding what's essentially government-hidden virtuals, and I'd like to use the same tools for managing both benchmarks and the regular civilian geocaches.


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I am working on importing the entire NGS database, almost done. I was thinking about then writing the code to spit out GPX files. Still playing with that. The only thing is I really don't feel like writing all the stuff to make it a full query sort of thing. Right now they are divided up into states. I can't guess at this point how big of a GPX file that would be. Would getting a state at a time and then using something like ClayJar's fine program be helpful? Again I am just playing around with it but if there is enough people interested I might go ahead and try to work up something.

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Sounds good John! I'd be glad to help to test things as you go if you need a few guinea pigs. icon_smile.gif


One thing I'd like to do when PQ's catch up to benchmarks is sort by the marker type. I have an affinity for triangulation stations.


I also would like to be able to distinguish those that have been marked not found (with the skull) and keep them seperate. I do hunt them, and have even recovered two successfully, but would like to be able to organize the waypoints a bit nicer than I can now.



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