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Help with TB issue


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Hi, I have a question. The thesecretseven picked up a TB and have had it since 12/31/10. I have sent multiple emails asking for an update and even asked for them to mail it back. I still haven't received any response. Any suggestions?





Something might be keeping them from caching at the moment. If nothing happens in about 3-4 months send a polite email offering assistance to get someone to take hand-off, or have it mailed back to you.


Then wait some more.

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Sadly, you may never see that TB again! We've had the same thing happen to us, and if the cacher ignores your first e-mail, you'll probably never get any type of response. I don't know why people do this, but I think the best philosophy about TB's is what Snoogams once said about realizing that when you release a Tb or geocoin, it just belongs to whomever wants to take it or keep it. We've learned that if we really like a trackable, it's best to buy two of them - one to send out, one to keep!

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I had a TB which was picked by someone who didn't log another cache for a long time. When I sent him an email (ONE email) after 6 months, he didn't respond. When I sent another email after a further 6 months, still no response. I reissued the TB with the COPY tag and then a few months later, he contacted me, saying he'd been in a bad car accident and had been in the hospital. You never know!

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