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Login Timeout Sessions...

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I think it's a bug in the programming. It doesn't look like it's being done intentionally.

I checked on the cookies and they are being accepted properly. The cookie doesn't expire until next year so I don't see why it doesn't auto log you in anymore.


I'd just give 'em some more time. They'll fix it eventually.

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I wouldn't mind editing my bookmark with a url that logs me in, but I think I am being logged out in under 40 mins.


Where it urks me is that I'll go to click on a persons profile and it will bring me to the login page. Once I log in, it does'nt forward me to the profile page but rather a page that tells me I am logged in. So, now I have to go back into the forums and dig up the post I was looking in and click on the profile I am interested in.


If it is a bug related to a security measure, I'll sit tight and await a fix, but if the login session serves no purpose (like bandwith)I'd rather see it go.


I do use two computers so I can see where I may run into this more than some other folks, but I only save cookies on my home machine and rarely ever do on my machine at work.


Thanks for the URL code, I will give it a try and see how it works for me icon_wink.gif



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