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Endura "stops navigating" fix "walk-around"

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Anyone wih an endura gps knows that manually entered waypoints will stop navigating way too soon to work for geocaching. I figured out a bit of a fix for this. I wish it was as easy as changing the icon, but it seems its not. What I did was manually load or create a waypoint on the gps and name it. Then open the "gpx" folder on the gps and you will see the waypoint you made. Then, drag it into GSAK. I then "right click" on the waypoint and select "edit". That will open a window where you can change the icon and attributes and such. I simply changed the waypoint to a geocache and saved it. Then put the new "geocache" file back in the "gpx" folder on my endura. Now you can find the waypoint in the geocache list and navigate with no problems. It sounds like a lot of work, but its really just a few clicks and drags..Any questions, just ask..

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