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I can't access my Etrex Venture hc with my PC

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I have a Etrex Venture HC. I've had it since August. I can download Caches and it works fine but when I try to delete files off the gps it does not show up on the usb drives. I have two other gps's (GPSMAP62S) and the pc finds them with no problem. I tried different cords and the same result. Any ideas?

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Since no one else is answering you, I will try. I had the Etrex Vista before I got the 78s. I believe you can delete the caches and waypoints on the unit by going to the find list and them menu and there is an option to delete all the symbols in one click. Hopefully someone with the unit can give you better information. Dick, W7WT

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You won't be able to delete waypoints off the unit through the PC. You'll need to delete them through the units UI. With my eTrex Legend H i use EsayGPS. I have key waypoints that satay on my unit all the time saved to the PC. Then i can wipe all the waypoints at once then upload the saved ones and any new PQs i want to update the unit with.

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There won't be a drive that appears on your computer when you plug in the Venture HC.


Like mpilchfamily said, the way to delete it is to do it through the GPSr. I wipe out all waypoints, and add fresh ones. If memory serves me, on the Waypoint page, press the menu button, select delete all and press enter, confirm.

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I guess I forgot how I deleted the caches before. I upgraded to the GPSMAP62s a couple of months after I bought the etrex. After reading your responses I do recall that was how I did it before. I gave the etrex to my son when I got the 62s and figured I would get rid of the already found caches. I guess when I was deleting some caches off my 62S I just tried to do the same with the etrex. Maybe next time I will engage my brain when switching from gps'r to gps'r. Thanks for the help.

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