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How about two more "types" of caches (icons)


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The locationless caches are already subdivided into another category on the system. But there is no separate icon to indicate that the cache is indeed a locationless cache. Maybe something like...


but that won't shrink well. Any other suggestions?


Also, there is still a small number of moving caches. I'm not talking about hitchhikers like Scoob and Shag that were set up with cache pages, but actual caches with trade trinkets, etc., that MOVE. A long time ago, I suggested this icon:


But Jeremy responded that animated graphics tend to make the cache pages too busy. Anyone else got a suggestion? I would hope if we could get good graphics that Jeremy might actually implement them.


There was a thread over here where I described this type of cache.



Chicago Geocachers

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I'm still hoping we get attributes sometime so we can get along without adding 300 cache types, but for the meantime, how about this: For mobile caches, you could do cartoon-style multi-view. You know, like in some cartoons when a character is moving really fast, you'll have, like, three exposures, the real one, the faded previous location, and the really faded previous previous location.


/me wishes I was at home so I could draw it.

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Originally posted by ClayJar:


I'm still hoping we get attributes sometime so we can get along without adding 300 cache types

By attributes, do you mean what I saw somewhere else that someone (maybe you?) mentioned, like what you see for park listings where there are icons to show what is available (a picnic table for picnicing, a swing for a playground, a boat for a boat ramp, etc.)?


This would be very useful. Like a boat for hydrocaches, a tree for caches in the woods, a building for urban caches, etc. Or even multiples of these as necessary. That way you could be more descriptive without the need for more cache types.



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