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Magellan eXplorist and hiding a cache

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I have a magellan explorist GC which has been fabulous for finding caches. Sometime soon, I'd like to hide a cache (have great area in mind, all that fun stuff). My question is about determining the coordinates for the cache - what's the best way to do that using the xplorist? I alwasys mark my car as a waypoint when I cache, so I'm familiar with how to do that, but want to make sure I'm doing things the most accurate way.


Any advice, tips, suggestions from fellow explorist users would be most appreciated. :)

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I think it is from that same menu that you can have it spend 2 minutes averaging the location. My GC gets no signal here at work. But I'm quite sure it was in the Waypoints menu.




Not sure about the Magellan but most GPSr's have an averaging function to allow you to either average several individual readings or take one long reading and determine the average coordinates. Getting an averaged reading with a good quality GPS should be sufficient for cache placement purposes. If you want to get really anal about it you could go to the location a few times on different days and manually average those readings, just to allow for (slight) variations in accuracy over time, but this really isn't necessary.

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Here is what I do.


Find where I am going to place the cache and write down the coordinates. Then I walk away from the cache about 20-50 feet and walk back. I writer down the coordinates each time. Usually do this 3 or 4 times. Then I look at all the coordinates and average them out. It may not be perfect, but it's better than using my iPhone. So far my GC has been right on according to some other cachers.

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