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  1. I have tried to put the .gpx file in the 450, and it isn't pulling anything up. I put it in E:/Garmin and E:/Garmin/GPX Neither one worked. What am I doing wrong? Nevermind. I am an idiot..... Do you remember what you did wrong? I can't seem to get any loaded on mine either. Thanks. Sorry, it's been so long since I did it. I switched to a Magellan GC, as I found it easier to navigate. Sorry I can't help much.
  2. Here is what I do. Find where I am going to place the cache and write down the coordinates. Then I walk away from the cache about 20-50 feet and walk back. I writer down the coordinates each time. Usually do this 3 or 4 times. Then I look at all the coordinates and average them out. It may not be perfect, but it's better than using my iPhone. So far my GC has been right on according to some other cachers.
  3. jundtie797

    Explorist GC

    What I do is run a PQ from gc.com and then use GSAK to upload them into. Otherwise run a PQ and transfer them into your GC. It cannot communicate with gc.com automatically. Some people think this thing is supposed to be like a iPhone or a Android. Good luck
  4. I just shipped it out to someone today. Sorry the unt has been sold.
  5. You would need to make something out of duct tape, a paperclip, a battery, some fishing line and a marble to find it.
  6. Does anyone have any geocaching business card style templates that I could use?
  7. I just don't like the Garmin GUI. I like the Magellan GUI better. The GPSr works great, I just wish I got to mess with the unit a little more before I bought it.
  8. Just the base map, original box, belt clip, and short usb cord.
  9. Used twice, item is like new. I just don't like it. Comes with original box, belt clip, and short usb cord. Asking 300.00. Payment to be made by paypal.com only. Thanks, Chris
  10. I have two packs. One for urban caches, as there aren't many mountains in St Louis. The second is an actual backpack for a survival situation. Urban pack/Get home pack- 5.11 Shoulder Bag (like a Maxpedition) contains - 2 emergency blankets 1 Leatherman multi tool 1 pocket knife 2 flashlights, one is a button light 1 small compass 50 feet of 550 cord (plus the eight feet in my boots as laces) 2 caribeaners 1 small compass 50 dollars cash in assorted bills 1 small roll of duct tape Assorted pens, marker, pencil, and paper 1 large bottle of water and 2 purification pills Small first aid kit 1 Glock 23 with 27 rounds of Winchester Ranger in .40 S&W In my backpack/bug out bag- Camelback is usually dry unless I know where I'm going 2 bottles of water with 10 water purification tablets 1 small bottle of potassium iodine (enough for my family) 4 emergency blankets and 4 emergency sleeping bags (foil type) 8 AA batteries 100 feet of 550 cord Small first aid kit 200.00 in assorted bills 4 locking beaners 2 large flashlights, 1 is a shake light 4 button flashlights 2 pairs of nitrile dipped gloves Assorted plastic zip lock bags 2 packs of freeze dried food rations 1 P-38 and 1 P-51 can opener 1 large full tang survival knife 1 small pocket knife 1 multi tool Pens pencil and paper 2 bic lighters 1 fire steel 100 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition 1 Glock 22 (the 23 stays in the other pack) Oh and if I'm caching my Oregon 450 and my idiotPhone Because you never know ----------- When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
  11. Santa brought me a Oregon 450, a 5.11 shoulder bag (similar to a Maxpedition), an electric tongue jack for the geo-travel trailer, 4 ammo cans, and my kids got me some really cool signature items.
  12. I have tried to put the .gpx file in the 450, and it isn't pulling anything up. I put it in E:/Garmin and E:/Garmin/GPX Neither one worked. What am I doing wrong? Nevermind. I am an idiot.....
  13. I have tried to put the .gpx file in the 450, and it isn't pulling anything up. I put it in E:/Garmin and E:/Garmin/GPX Neither one worked. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Rather than buy the decal or cling, can I just use the number off a TB that I have that has not been activated for my car? I dont want the beetle, just the number. I would think most other cachers would know what the number is.
  15. I just got one about a month ago. I like the unit, but I just ordered a Oregon 450 today. I turned off the smart arrow and it seems to help. The compass/unit doesn't update unless you are moving. So if you just turn around, it's not really going to do much. Walk a few steps. I've found mine to be pretty accurate. But I have yet to see it say that it is accurate within 19 feet. The only complaint I have is that it is difficult to enter text and it's hard to do Mystery, Puzzle and Multi caches sometimes since you can't enter coordinates. But other than that I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It does what it is designed to do. If you need/want to do something more, this is nit the unit for you. Also, I have read some reviews that people are upset that it doesn't do seamless communications with geocaching.com, the only thing I've seen that does this is an iPhone or Droid. Just my .02
  16. Mine is jailbroken and I have an app that will only shut off the phone, so it doesn't completely enter airplane mode. I believe the app is SBSettings
  17. Hello, I have been looking for some poles to take with me and while I was at Cabela's in St. Louis today, and I found Trekker Hiking Staffs marked down from 29.99 to 7.99. Their website shows them listed at a sale price of 14.99. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Trekker-Hik...amp;Ntt=trekker Does anyone have anything to share about these poles, since they were priced so low, I bought 4.
  18. Does anyone know of a GPS that will upload the finds and logs from a GPS? I'm spoiled from my iPhone app. I've been using a eXplorist GC for caching and then logging them with my phone.
  19. Thanks. I had something wrong when I looked them up. According to the camp host, all trails in the park are closed due to hunting. Oh well there are plenty more out there. Thanks again.
  20. I am planning on camping out at Carlyle Lake this weekend, and I was looking at the caches in the area, and I am surprised there isn't more in the wooded park area. Hmmmmm, unless I'm missing something. Oh well hopefully we will have fun and hold off the rain.
  21. You are correct!! They are very different, and it looks like I need an engineering degree to figure them out. I played with a GPSMAP 62 at REI today, and man it's nice, but it's too much for me. Instead I bought a Magellan explorist GC. This has almost everything I want. You cannot load turn ny turn maps, but I can live with that. I'm going to kick the tires on it this weekend and see how much I like it. If not, per the salesperson, I can always return it if I am not happy. We shall see how it goes..... Thanks!
  22. I just downloaded my PQ's to tmy iPhone4 and put it in airplane mode and it still pulled them up. A bit slower on the maps, but they were there. I even turned off the GPS (Location Mode), and I was still able to see them.
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