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Take-a-poll transporter


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Right now, when you take a poll, you get feel that dematerializing beam hit you, and the next thing you know, you're at the very top level of the forums. Um... can't you just dump me back in the topic with the poll results shown? icon_smile.gif


> Martin (Magellan 330)

Don't have time to program and record your shows while geocaching? Get a TiVo!

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It is the way the forum validates you. If you aren't logged in in the forums (but are, at geocaching.com), it sends you to Geocaching.com and says, hey, is this guy/gal logged in? The geocaching.com site says, yeah, and kicks you back here. Unfortunately it doesn't tell geocaching.com where you were before so it can't redirect you back.


Is that confusing or what? But I hear you. Let me ask the folks at Infopop about this one.



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Don't you just have to be logged in to the boards? I don't remeber this happening to me before as long as I was logged in. Also, the same thing happens if you try to post a reply when not logged in. My problem is forgetting to log in. Everything is reversed from the days of old. Now you don't have to log in to Geocaching but you have to log in on the boards.



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