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I am not receiving notification emails for my own caches, which means I sometimes miss comments that need actioning. I've tried adding the cahces to my watch list, but it tells me I am automatically watching them. Is there any reason why I'm suddenly no longer receiving them? An occasional one gets through, usually from the newer caches.

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It's happening to me also, I've missed several "found" logs over the past couple of weeks. And a newly published cache showed up about 2 hours later than the time stamp yesterday. It's not my email settings, as I run my own server and domain, nothing passes through my ISP's filters. Checking the logs on my mail server shows nothing is being rejected from Groundspeak (geocaching.com), in fact NO connection attempts at all on days that "found" logs were supposed to be sent. All scheduled Pocket Queries DO seem to be arriving in the middle of the night though. It just seems to be email alerts, both owner and new publishes. It's hit or miss.

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I've been getting all of mine.


Have you tried a different email address to test if your email provider has changed some filtering settings??


I've tried different e-mail addresses (google, .mac, ISP, etc.), I've completely turned off my mail processing filters (Junk, etc.) Nadda.


It's actually quite funny. My wife will get an e-mail from her watchlist of one of my caches but I won't get the actual notification message.


And yes it's a little bit of a pain for FINDs but at least I can just look at my Owned items once a day and see what's at the top of the list that I didn't get an e-mail for. The DNFs that are the real problem.

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