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  1. My wife and I have walked back to the vehicle a couple dozen times through the years over a forgotten writing instrument, and nothing around to get creative with. This time was her turn, walking back to the truck. The red truck, right side of pic. Now both of us keep a small pen attached to our respective key rings... as long as we lock the vehicle and remember to take the key rings with us....
  2. I have a cache out in the hills that uses a deer skull and a few other bones next to the actual container for props and effect. Cleaned and sanitized, of course.
  3. It's a substantial one-time sum that most would need to pay with a bank draught.Huh... A few strips of gold pressed latinum worked for me. Enough strips, and they raise your membership level to gold-pressed Latinum.
  4. Back in September of 2000, I read an article on Slashdot about Geocaching. I thought it sounded kind of geeky and fun, but back then I was so broke I couldn't afford a GPS, just to look for buried buckets of toys in the woods. Yea, that's what I thought it was. Besides, there weren't any geocaches in South Dakota at the time to look for (the closest were in Colorado and Kansas), and I wasn't foresighted enough to think about putting one out, so "if you hide it, they will come." So, I dismissed the idea and moved on with my life. Oh, if I could go back in time. Fast forward to July 2009, we had purchased a car Nuvi for traveling and vacations. One day after work the wife and I were bored, looking for something to do, and she said, "What's that thing that people do with GPSs and they go out and find stuff?" Well, one thing led to another, we got online, and a few days later found our first LPC in a parking lot... with the Nuvi... after 2 previous attempts to find it. Who know those things lifted up. 6200+ finds, 230 hides and 5 GPSs later, the rest is history.
  5. The "official" word, taken directly from the guidelines: http://www.geocachin...es.aspx#logging
  6. Looks like this account (DadOf6Furrballs) goes to the new search landing page, but our momof6furrballs player account goes to the old landing page as before. Same for my other "Official" account. I don't see much difference in navigating around the site either way. It's all there at the top, just like before. I'm fine with it. However you want to present it is OK with me, I live in a no angst, no complaint zone these days.
  7. Have you tried calling on the phone and actually talking to them? Their number is on the website.
  8. I'm so old I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, much less the actual date of the month. I do know it's Thursday though. I just sign the thing. That's all that's required anyway.
  9. It could be that maybe you really haven't submitted it yet. Check the top of your new cache page to see if there's a big green button that says "Submit for Review". If it's there, just click it. That will put the cache in your reviewer's queue. It's a common mistake. If it has been submitted, the green button won't be there. In that case, just be patient.
  10. Newsletter arrived Wednesday evening on this and our normal player account just fine. On Gmail.
  11. It appears to have been fixed. At least on all of the ones I own are. All is well again in the space - time continuum.
  12. It's working for some people, apparently. I've been getting find logs on our caches, and other notifications elsewhere. Both yesterday, last night, and this morning.
  13. Newsletters are rolling in now, on all the accounts I wear various hats for. Thank you HQ IT.
  14. Did you sign the log - SL, ATFATF* ? *So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  15. What ^^^ he ^^^ said. I don't do costumes, vests, hard hats, none of that. I (and the wife) just go for it. If you look like you're worried about someone seeing you, they will. Just act normal, like you belong there and know what you're doing. I get asked more about what I'm up to by the nearby ranchers along rural back roads than I ever do in towns and parks.
  16. As a practicing Pastafarian, I pretty much ignore most swag or religious / agenda driven literature unless it's spaghetti related. Not much offends me. I mean, I'd love to trade a small colander for a pasta fork, but it's getting harder and harder to find caches large enough to hold items like that. I have left some of my favorite pasta recipe cards from time to time though, in a feeble attempt to convert some over to the carbohydrate-side. Sometimes I wonder how the game would have turned out had Dave Ulmer stuck a can of spaghetti ohs in the Original Stash, instead of a can of black-eyes peas...
  17. I'm only speculating, but I'm pretty sure the intent was to convey that either method - email or MC - is an acceptable way of sending logging tasks to the CO. From the Help Center:
  18. Reviewers don't review for lameness or awesomeness. At least they shouldn't. If the cache meets the guidelines, even minimally, it gets published.
  19. Thank you for finding the issue and getting the fix out ASAP.
  20. Passing question directed at nobody in particular: Does it really matter? Passing comment directed at nobody in particular: Some people have WAY too much time on their hands. Déjà vu.
  21. It's actually 2400, officially. But who's counting.
  22. Somewhere around 57 finds, and about a month into the game. It's still active.
  23. Now THAT'S a stretch. Really? Geocaching is a game. A sport. An activity. It's something we choose to do for fun. Or not do. It's entirely optional in life. No one forces anybody to play. Groundspeak is a private corporation. They're not owned by the Government. They own a website people can list geocaches on. Since it's their site, they can make the "rules" on which caches they want to list. Or not list. I can assure you with total confidence that they didn't receive marching orders from the Feds to put a one year moratorium on Challenge caches, to control and make life miserable for people that play an optional game. Seriously. This isn't TEOTWAWKI.
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