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If you are in the Annapolis, Md area the weekend of April 16, 2011 stop on by CBEC (Chesapeake bay Environmental Center) just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (east) for our 2nd Annual CITO event. It is actually the 2nd half of a 2 day event. The 1st half being a M&G with Camp Over at the same place. If you come for both you will not only get fed, be able to do day & night caching, enjoy terrific company & surroundings, help pay it forward with a few hours of light to medium work clean up, you will get a smiley for each 1/2 you are there. It is also FREE so what have ya got to loose?


Check it out & then stop on by. We would love to have ya'll there.


Back In Touch With Nature

http://coord.info/GC2MBAV this is the CITO


MAGC: M&G with Camp Over

http://coord.info/GC2MB9H this is the M&G with Camp Over


Here is the link of where we will be. You can check out what else is here. Its a great place & for the weekend event the place is ours & it doesnt cost anything to get in, just tell them you are there for the event.




Hope to see some new faces out there this year. Come help make this another big event. MW


If you have any questions just drop me a note. :D

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