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  1. I havent retrieved any of these 'notes' but I have to say that it isnt always the easiest thing to get to your own cache in the limited time for repairs etc. Life does exist for some of us outside of caching. I had almost 2 yrs that I was commuting from DC to Chicago about every other month & would be there for a month at a time. When I got a reviewers post that a cache had several DNF's & needed to be checked or a NM. I would post on that page that I was out of town on family medical & would attend to it ASAP. If this is now done by a bot there is no way to even communicate the situation for understanding. Seems a bit harsh. I was fortunate I had some super great caching friends that would see the cache disabled or in need of & would kindly drop by & take care of it but not everyone is that lucky. When a cacher complains that those of us who are CO should respond to the DNF's by checking the caches has obviously never been a CO. I cant tell you how many times I literally stopped what I was doing to go ck from logs for missing caches only to find the cache is right there where it belongs. After a few yrs of that I didnt run out right away. So from our side of the fence... you, as the cacher posting a DNF, better be darn sure the cache is missing & it isnt because you just couldnt find it because it stinks when we have to go out only to find it right where it should be.
  2. After all the yrs Ive been caching I just renew automatically. Then it doesnt matter where I am I can see all of the caches there. Although I do like that I could log my grandsons caches if we find a pmo cache. I felt bad he did get to do that. I will have to go back & log the few that he found. Thanks for the 'how to' on that. MW
  3. I became a PM for a couple of reasons. 1. its my small token to the game/program 2. to give me access to caches that are usually a little better cared for, but not always, but to include all caches where Im searching 3. there are I times I cache with friends & some of the caches they find are PM caches. I have a blast with them & would go regardless but this way I can also log the caches I find with them. I dont use any of the gps gimmicks I have access to or any of the other things my more gps experienced friends use. I just make my list of caches in the area where Im going & go. The cost for PM isnt such a big deal. I just have fun caching. MW
  4. I have a ? cache that was there 2 days ago that NOW isnt there. I now have the EC that wasnt there 2 days ago. So Im still missing GC7A6J8 the ? cache. I dont know that Im going to finish doing this quest with all the problems it has.
  5. well here it is May 27th & the da** smileys still disappear & I have to refresh & start over. Is it really asking too much that this ever gets fixed??????????
  6. who knows, those guys have some diffrent ideas for the use of their scuba equipment, chasing the google car Now that's funny!
  7. CoBiker - here is a site to check out. Also FB has a page for dive caching that will give you info www.DiveCaching.org Here are a couple of dive caches http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=6fea7518-da3c-4c87-97bd-60da0d8c9c74 this is located in a quarry used by divers for wreck diving. You have to check in at the office & show proof of Dive Certification to dive. It isnt for the cacher looking for a dive thrill. You have to be certified. Another awesome dive cache is here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7acd7842-eb92-44b3-933f-15915fca508b this is located on Catalina Island off Long Beach/Lagoona Beach, Ca area. Awesome dive & its a virtual. Heres 1 for ya 1/2 mile out to open water off La Jolla.......should dive it http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9125d5a4-f82b-4cb6-8eed-614df8d7254d Of course the others mentioned here off the Fla Keys are great. ****Remember that combining caching with diving is great but do it with a friend, that is experienced. Renting equipment if you dont have all of your own is fine but for the TRUE dive caches dont be a weekend wanna be diver. It holds its own safety factors. But it is something to consider doing as another awesome form of recreation though it isnt cheap. When caching leave only footprints (and maybe some swag) & with diving leave only bubbles. ENJOY the best of 2 great worlds. GO PADI!
  8. I know this has been discussed somewhere but I cant find it so here it is again, sorry..............Any chance that the cachers location will be returned below their av? It makes it so much easier, at least for me, when I read something to know where on the globe the topic in question is coming from.
  9. I agree that the needles were a scarey thing. AS for the rest about the crappy stuff in caches.............face it not everyone plays the game the same way. There really isnt much you can do about it. If it is your caches that are ended up with crappy swag left you can, as stated fix it, ignore it or eont place caches or make them all nanos so there isnt any swag to worry about. Some folks are going to just take & not leave. It is what it is. I just spent $52 to get a whole box of new stuff to put in my caches as I went around to check them. I have a few theme caches & restocked with theme stuff. What was in the cache was a bit of other non related theme stuff. Even though it is written up as a theme & suggested it would be great if it was followed. If I havent learned anything else since starting caching I have learned people are going to do what THEY want not what I would like them to do so I can get over it or get out of it. I stay in & now I just try to make it fun for at least the first bunch of folks that find the caches with good stuff in them.
  10. I have 1 of the LARGE ammo cans. It is in the woods on a trail that isnt all the popular. My problem isnt someone taking it my problem is they move it. [removed] I know we arent suppose to bury caches but to help keep this can where I wanted it I did put it down in the dirt about 1/3 of the way & then just have some pine needles & tree debris for coverage. Its on the back side of a huge tree so unless you are actually looking for it you wouldnt see it. It was also noted on the cache page DO NOT REMOVE OR MOVE FROM LOCATION. Well guess what? You got it. It was taken out of its little indentation (the cacher even took a pic so you could see how big it was). Then if not that cacher another moved it so it was then about 75ft away. Who is the idiot that did that? CAnt people just leave [removed] where they find it? Ok fine you want to be a help & cover it better, great, but dont move it. Maybe your coords put GZ 75' away but others were righ on so leave the dadgum cache alone, send the CO a note & be on your way. Sorry for the rant. Good luck with your big ammo can. Maybe you wont have any problems.
  11. Why is it every time the system goes down for upgrades more things dont work? What a PITA this has become. Smiley's, then no smiley's, refresh then smiley's plus numbers, uncheck numbers then we're god for a bit. Now we have these Beta maps with the retarded colored boxes. Smiley's but not all the caches show up. Great lets just flip between maps & hope you get what you need. Why cant the things dont work be fixed before other things are tried? I don't get it. Now that its getting to summer just how much fun is this going to be??????? not able to find the things you want, not being able to log your finds etc because nothing moves & it takes some time minutes for a page to load & I dont mean just on my smaller pc. It does the same thing on faster systems as well. Surely there is something that can be done. I know if this is how its going to be you can bet Im not renewing my premium membership. It isnt worth it.
  12. yet another day without the site working right. Doesnt that bring a smile to your face? Or Im sorry you wouldnt be able to tell anyhow because thats 1 of the problems as well. Im glad Im a PM so when the weather gets nice I cant use the site because stuff isnt working' I could have saved myself a few bucks.
  13. So is the site every going to get fixed or is everyone on vacation? At least some kind of response from someone at GS would be nice to say 'hey this is whats going on'. It's really a PAIN to have plans to go out caching & not be able to get the info you need or to have been out & now cant do any logging. Worse yet is to have sponsored an event & not have the folks who attended be able to log all of the caches etc. Gee thanks for all the effort here.
  14. This is a tough 1. Even with another cache belonging to me it creates a bit of a challenge to place another cache without invading however as is said your reviewer is the best resource. When you decide you want to place a cache, check the listings for any multi's that are close, go pick your location, having at least a couple of alternate locations then send your info to the reviewer asking if they are ok, in the order of preference. They will tell you & then you can proceed. Good luck. Our reviewers are a great resource tool. (thanks to all of ya for that)
  15. Not just slow but comes up error or unavailable at this time try again later. Whats up! FOLKS ARE SCREAMING TO GET STUFF LOGGED FROM SOME EVENTS.
  16. No smileys for my caches, doesnt matter if box is checked or not, sometimes they are there sometimes not. WT* cant even load anything to go out for awhile.....this is nice................
  17. Last yr here in the Annapolis, Md area we did a Camp Over followed by a CITO at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, in Graysonville, just over the Bay Bridge on the Eastern Shore. It is a 400+ acre Nature Preserve. The folks there helped host the event & it was a smash. We had folks come in from several near by states for the weekend. We camped, cached, did a bit of trail clean up, ate tons of food & had a blast, even though it got pretty cold & windy. Well we are doing it again this spring & are hoping some more folks come out to join us. It is free to get in & camp for the weekend. Bring a tent or camper & your energy. A side dish or some kind of snacks & we will all have a blast. Below is the event links as well as a link to CBEC so you can see what all they have to offer as well. MAGC: M&G with Camp Over by Mother Wolf (GC2MB9H) http://coord.info/GC2MB9H Cache In Trash Out Event Back In Touch With Nature by Mother Wolf (GC2MBAV) http://coord.info/GC2MBAV http://bayrestoration.org/index.html There are currently 20 caches (3 that are water accessible) & 2 Earth Caches on the grounds. There are also approx 75 caches in the very near vicinity. We are hoping to have a big turnout & hope to see a lot of new faces this season. So if you are looking for a weekend of fun come on out & join us. See you there..... Dalene (Mother Wolf)
  18. This is our 2nd Annual 2 for 1, 2 day event. It starts with a M&G with Camp Over for the hearty followed by a CITO & BBQ. Come for either, come for it all, you get a smiley for each 1/2. It is held at a great Nature Center just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Annapolis, Md. Its 450 acres of pure heaven & it will be ours for the weekend. http://bayrestoration.org/index.html this is the link to the Center. We will be caching, eating, socializing, camping, caching, eating, socializing then a few hours for the CITO then caching, socializing & eating. LOL We had a great turn out last yr, even though it was a bit chilly & windy (maybe a bit cold some say LOL) We had a ball. We are hoping that we will have an even bigger turn out this yr. The location is beautiful & all of the folks are terrific. There will be food a plenty for everyone & you will be able to come away with some great stories. There are 17 caches, 3 hydros, an EC & 10 benchmarks all within the park that you can hunt. Here are the links to both events MAGC: M&G with Camp Over http://coord.info/GC2MB9H Back In Touch With Nature http://coord.info/GC2MBAV So mark your calenders & come on out to play. See ya'll there. MW
  19. If you are in the Annapolis, Md area the weekend of April 16, 2011 stop on by CBEC (Chesapeake bay Environmental Center) just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (east) for our 2nd Annual CITO event. It is actually the 2nd half of a 2 day event. The 1st half being a M&G with Camp Over at the same place. If you come for both you will not only get fed, be able to do day & night caching, enjoy terrific company & surroundings, help pay it forward with a few hours of light to medium work clean up, you will get a smiley for each 1/2 you are there. It is also FREE so what have ya got to loose? Check it out & then stop on by. We would love to have ya'll there. Back In Touch With Nature http://coord.info/GC2MBAV this is the CITO MAGC: M&G with Camp Over http://coord.info/GC2MB9H this is the M&G with Camp Over Here is the link of where we will be. You can check out what else is here. Its a great place & for the weekend event the place is ours & it doesnt cost anything to get in, just tell them you are there for the event. http://bayrestoration.org/index.html Hope to see some new faces out there this year. Come help make this another big event. MW If you have any questions just drop me a note.
  20. This takes care of most terrains just about any where. I'm sorry I couldnt resist. No this is what I use & have never had any problems.
  21. Been there, done that. Nothing. Even had another cacher from that area try to get s ome attention since he was able to get on the site & nothing but i will try again to see if anything has changed. TY MW
  22. Yeah I had posted this 1st in the regional section but didnt get an answer. I just tried the link you gave me & after I put in my address & hit submit all it did was bumped me to a page saying 'You must be logged in to enter the private section...............log in. I tried but back to Hello Guest. LOL
  23. http://www.nevadageocaching.com/ Here is the link for Nevada. If I put in my name (Mother Wolf) & password all it does is has me as a guest. :>( When I go out to my sisters in Az or over into Ca. I like to check the surrounding areas & check on the forums for info/advice. I can't do that ATT with Nevada. Just can't seem to get it to let me in. So I then can't participate on the forums. Don't know what the problem is. MW
  24. For lack of a better place to address this......when I log in to Nevada site it just lists me as a guest. I tried to resolve this last fall & got no where & it still does the same thing. I registered, but for some reason it didn't take. Now the only way to re register is with a different name, password & email. Who has the power to fix this???? TY Mother Wolf
  25. I just found a power trail in New Mexico. It is just west of Las Cruces International Airport off of 10. It is done by a retire Vietnam Vet named John Anderson (Docgeo*). It isn't in a shape but it is of 100 0f the 246 Medol of Honor Recipients from the Vietnam War. Each cache is in honor of 1 of those individuals. It is quite unique & very impressive. Check it out. MW
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