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How to read data on GPS

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Hi All,


i am a newbie, so pls be patient with me :)


i have a Garmin gps and uploaded the gpx file into it. But how do i acces the gpx file on the Garmin so i can start my search?



The caches should show up as waypoints. Do "find->waypoints". Then select a waypoint and "goto waypoint.".




It's a garmin nuvi 1490T. I can follow the co-ords to a location, but cannot read the hints or comments by others on my device. Thanks

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Well, if your Garmin appears as a drive on your computer when your plug it in, you should copy the GPX file over to \GARMIN\GPX of that drive.


Other than that bit of generic advice, I need more information on what did you copy over, what kind of device you have, and what are you trying to do.




It's a garmin nuvi 1490T. I connected the gps to my pc and used the websites ,upload to device, feature. It recognized my garmin and auto uploaded the gpx file to the gps. The gps was then able to show me caches on the map. I could then click on a cache and the gps would take me to that loc,n. But upon arrival at the cache,s vicinity, I generally need to read the Comments or Hints, which I dont seem to be on my gps.


I can follow the co-ords to a location, but cannot read the hints or comments by others on my device.



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What Motorcycle Mama linked to is what I use to show cache information on my Nuvi. There are a few macros floating around, but this one has the best description on how to use it.


It may take a bit of fiddling sometimes to get it working. Usually this has to do with 64 bit Windows, and directory paths. But, believe me, it is worth it.


There is no Mac version of this. GSAK only runs on Windows.


Oh, there won't be a choice for your model in the drop-down, I believe, so try 7xx, 8xx, 6xx or 2xxW.

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